Chickasaw National Recreation Area offers activities all year. Streams and lakes cater to boaters, swimmers, and anglers, while its forests and prairies reward hikers, wildlife photographers, and campers. The National Park Service manages the area, provides for recreational uses, and acts as caretaker of the natural and cultural features.

Turner Falls Park, the oldest park in Oklahoma, has been known as a popular recreation area since as early as 1868. Enjoy the spectacular view at the base of Turner Falls as Honey Creek cascades down 77 feet to create the largest waterfall in Oklahoma. Turner Falls has two unique natural swimming areas, one of which is at the base of the falls.

The opportunities for swimming, fishing and boating are endless in the Sulphur area. Spring fed waters are always cold so be prepared for a truly refreshing experience when you hit the waters of the Travertine creek or enjoy the warm blue waves of Arbuckle Lake! Take your fishing boat, sailboat, ski boat, canoe or jet ski out on Arbuckle Lake for a fun-filled day of water play. Throw a line in the water and relax while you try your hand at catching white bass, large mouth bass, catfish, crappie, or a variety of other species of fish.

If hiking is your thing, you’ll love the diversity of the trails in the Arbuckle Mountains. Bird watching is fantastic all four seasons of the year. Hunting is another outdoor activity that attracts many people to Sulphur. Bring your horse and ride the multi-use trail at Chickasaw National Recreation Area. If you’re looking for a place to ride your ATV or off road motorcycle, we have just the place for you!

Few places can boast of the rich Native American history you’ll find in Sulphur. From the Chickasaws calling this home after the Trail of Tears to the cowboys who drove their cattle through the area you’ll discover a beautiful story of our history and our ancestors.

For a taste of the wacky and wonderful, you must stop in at the Bivens Dog Trade. This popular flea market began in the early 40's when hunters and dog breeders gathered on the banks of Rock Creek to trade dogs.

Freeman Livestock Auction has been in business for over 48 years and is still going strong! The Livestock Auction is held every Friday beginning at noon. The auction is located on Highway 177 at the north edge of Sulphur.

Whether it be a family reunion, a corporate retreat, or just a weekend for some quiet time alone, Sulphur has the place for you.

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